You are allowed to bid up to $ 4,000 for a max of 1 vehicle(s).

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Refundable Security Deposit
$ 600
Bidding Limit

$ 4,000


Monthly Membership: $ 20/month

Today's Charge: $ 620

Your security deposit is fully refundable!

If you are a successful bidder, Feretti Motors will send you the invoice for the winning bid. You should pay it in full by bank wire transfer, counter deposit or cashiers check.

Below is a bidding calculator that estimates what your costs will be for a wining bid. If you win your bid, then the security deposit is NOT applied toward the payment for the purchase.
If Your Bid is
Feretti Motors Brokerage Fee
Copart Auction Fee
Total cost for your purchase*

*This is an estimate, and final fees may vary depending on lot details. Title processing fees are assessed at the time the information becomes available, and are added to the processing cost.