Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to common questions that we are frequently asked by
our customers….if you have a question that you do not see the answer to,
please feel free to call or email us with it.

Where do you obtain your inventory from?

We purchase about 90% of our inventory directly from insurance companies. The remaining 10% mostly come in as trade-ins to our dealership.

Does a Salvage Title mean that a vehicle was “Totaled”?

No. The term “Totaled” is not really a term used in this industry. There are different types of titles issued to damaged vehicles and they do not necessarily mean that the vehicle cannot be repaired or will never be fit for road use again. Typically, the only title brands that would imply that a vehicle is non-repairable are “Parts-Only” , “Junk”, and “Not for Reconstruction”. Often insurance company’s will issue a salvage title to any vehicle that is not repaired and returned to the original customer. This could be for any number of reasons such as the non-availability of parts for repairs needed, a customers rejection of a vehicle after repairs are completed, and in most cases is due to over-inflated insurance estimates of needed repairs.

Will I be able to register a Branded Titled vehicle in my state?

Yes. Branded Titled vehicles can be registered in all 50 states. In fact only a couple of states will require an additional inspection to register such vehicles and all of the other states will allow you to register such vehicles just as you would a clean titled vehicle.

Can I finance a Branded Titled vehicle?

Yes. Many banks and credit unions will finance Branded Titled vehicles, if the particular bank or credit union that you belong to does not, please contact us and we will refer you to one that does. Rate’s for such vehicle financing are no different than for a clear titled vehicle. Please note that no bank will finance a “Salvage” titled vehicle and such vehicles must first be repaired and go through the reconstruction process before they can be financed.

I have heard that Branded Titled vehicles are worth 50% or less than the value of a clean titled vehicle, is this true

No. This is myth. In reality a Reconstructed vehicle is worth about 20%-30% less than the same vehicle with a clean title. Typically vehicles that are worth less than $40,000 would be worth about 20% less as Branded Titled vehicles and the ones worth over $40,000 would begin to go into the 20%-30% discount range.
Such facts are also noted in various articles published on top consumer automotive websites.

What does “Lot Drives” mean in a Salvage vehicle’s description?

This means that the vehicle can start and has been briefly driven on our dealership property for the purpose of photographing and being moved into a spot to be parked while awaiting its future owner. This does not mean that a vehicle is able to run for extended period of time, as many of our salvage vehicles have front end damage with damaged cooling components, so they can only run for a couple of minutes as not to overheat them.

Do you have written repair estimates for your Salvage vehicles?

No. We only perform repairs for in-house vehicles, as such we do not generate written estimates, but we can give you a ballpark estimate for what think the repair should cost at a qualified repair facility. We can also help our customers locate and obtain parts at discounted prices.

If a vehicle has a Salvage title but is drivable, are you able to issue a temporary tag for me to drive it back home?

No. It is Illegal to operate a vehicle with a Salvage title on public roads, even if the vehicle runs and looks to be safe for travel. The vehicle must be repaired, inspected, and issued a Reconstructed title to be legally allowed back on the road. As such, Salvage titled vehicles must be shipped to our customers or picked up by our customers using tow dollies or trailers.

Do you offer shipping?

Yes. We can arrange for shipping to anywhere in the US or Worldwide. Feel free to call or email us for a quote.